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Special Event Amateur Radio Station
remembering 100 years since the sinking of
Lucitania / MFA

A special event Amateur Radio licence has been issued to the Radio Officers Association to remember the sinking of the Lusitania/MFA on 7th May 1915.

The activity will take place from the lightship PLANET which is berthed in Canning dock Liverpool during the month of May 2015.

Two stations will be on air simultaneously both for CW with some SSB these two stations will be on amateur radio bands from 3.5mhz to 28mhz dependant on propagation conditions. R.O.A. will be assisted by members of the M.R.M.S.W. (who were previously at Fort Perch Rock but now based on the Planet lightship)

A website about this event has been established at

The Lusitania Radio Club will also be running a commemorative station on from Ireland with the call sign EI100MFA - more information here.

Lucitania was built at the famous John Brown shipyard on the Clyde. On 1st May 1915 she departed from New York Pier 54 for her 202nd Atlantic crossing bound for Liverpool via the south of Ireland.

At 14.10 hours on Friday 7th May 1915 she was torpedoed by a German U-Boat while about 10 miles southwest of Old Head Kinsale, Ireland, and sank within 18 minutes.

Of the original 1,961 passengers and crew who left from New York, only 764 people survived the sinking. The final death toll was 1,197.

It is believed the two Radio Officers (then known as Wireless Operators), Bob Leith (senior) and Donald McCormack, who were responsible for sending the SOS message which was received at Queentown and resulted in the saving of the 764 lives, both survived the sinking. Bob Leith gave evidence at the British Wreck Commissioner's Enquiry.



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